Development Finance

Short-term Finance for Property Developers

Property development finance is used for the purpose of funding a residential, commercial or mixed-use property development. It refers to the large-scale funding of significant building or renovation works and is likely the most appropriate form of property finance for ground-up developments, such as building a property from scratch.

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Modern block of flats with orange window panels

Senior Debt

Senior debt is a first charge development finance loan that would typically make up the majority of the funds required to complete a property development project. Senior debt is the cheapest form of development finance, particularly where the borrower can provide a significant amount of cash towards the land or property purchase.
Modern orange architecture facade of the building
Modern wooden architecture structure with light coming through

Stretched Senior

Stretched Senior Debt refers to a first charge development facility which provides a higher Loan to Cost or Loan to Value percentage than Senior debt can allow. Stretched senior is typically only available to well-experienced, professional developers, due to developers' cash contribution being small.


Mezzanine finance is secured by a second charge and used to add additional funds to the senior debt (first charge) facility. This is commonly put in place if a developer does not have sufficient cash resources to make the project work using senior debt alone. Mezzanine finance is another type of development finance used to give you more money than the “senior” lender can provide.
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Developer equity finance is a form of debt funding top-up. This service allows funds and investors to provide the necessary funds for a developer to buy and build a project with minimal cash input whilst retaining full ownership.

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The Merryoaks Property Finance team have a long and successful background in finding and providing creative financial solutions for property investors and developers throughout the UK. Our aim is to help you fund your next investment or development project and be part of your on-going growth to bigger and better deals.
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