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A Bridging Loan is fast, flexible, short-term lending, usually for 12 months or less, which can be used by individuals or businesses for a number of reasons. The loan can be used to “bridge” the gap in your finances until either a long-term financing solution can be put in place or alternative funds are available to repay the loan - such as a property sale.
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Key Features

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Loans from £100,000 to £30 million
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Terms from 1-24 months
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Rates from 0.4% per month
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Up to 85% Loan to Value
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No income proof required
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Adverse credit considered / accepted
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Desktop valuations available
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Joint legal representation
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Very fast and efficient service
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100% funding available

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What can a Bridging Loan be used for?
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Purchasing property fast or at auction
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Breaking the property chain
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Property restoration / refurbishment
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Accessing quick cash
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Providing business capital
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Consolidating debt, repaying or preventing bankruptcies
How fast can I get a Bridging Loan?
It is possible to secure a bridging loan in just a matter of days.
What security is required for a Bridging Loan?
Most Bridging Loan providers require property as security. This could be just one property, or several. They will secure their loan by taking a charge over the property or properties.
What is the lending criteria for a Bridging Loan?
Every lender has their own criteria and this will vary for each application, but in general, a lender will require a strong exit strategy and typically require collateral in the form of property. Loans can be secured on the value of one property or several combined properties. Where collateral/security is required, credit history and income is typically inconsequential.
What fees are there for Bridging Loans?
Bridging loans do come with other charges that you will need to take into account such arrangement fees, solicitors fees and valuation fees.

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