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The BRRR (buy, refurbish, refinance, rent) method is one of the most common property investing strategies today and a great way for investors to start or grow their property portfolio.

The strategy consists of buying a property, adding value to it, refinancing the deal and then renting out the property. Investors are able to recycle their initial invested capital, generate cashflow from rental income and also benefit from long-term capital appreciation.

BRRR finance is a short term loan that allows investors to take on deals with low initial capital.
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Key Features

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Loans from £100,000 to £30 million
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Terms from 1-24 months
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Up to 85% Loan to Value
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No income proof required
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Adverse credit considered
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Desktop valuations available
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Very fast and efficient service

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How does the BRRR strategy work?
The BRRR strategy consists of four phases:

Buy: buying a below-market value property or a discounted property that requires work. Purchasing at the right price is crucial for this strategy to work.

Refurbish: carrying out the relevant renovations to add value to the property - either significant refurbishment or minor improvements to add value.

Refinance: once the property is refurbished and the value has increased, the property is re-valued based on the improvements carried out and you can refinance the deal to recycle the cash initially invested. This can be used to invest in the next property.

Rent: the refinanced property can then be rented out to provide regular monthly income.
What deposit is required with BRRR Finance?
A deposit of 25% of the loan amount is typically required from most lenders. This can come from your own cash sources or a private investor. Some lenders will also offer 100% of the loan if additional security can be provided. There would need to be enough equity in the property used as security for the lender to be comfortable with providing 100% of the loan.
What is the lending criteria for BRRR Finance?
BRRR finance is typically available for all types investors, including first-time investors and those with low-income.

Every lender has their own criteria, but lenders will generally require a strong exit strategy and security for the loan in the form of property. Loans can be secured on the value of one property or several combined properties.
What type of properties can be purchased with BRRR Finance?
BRRR finance can be used to fund all types of property, from residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. BRRR is commonly used to purchase below-market value properties, including those at auction.

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