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Short-term finance is a form of fast, flexible funding that can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. The loan can be used to “bridge” the funding gap until either a long-term finance solution is put in place or alternative funds are received from another source, for example the sale of a property. With flexible rates and terms, short-term finance allows investors to capitalise on opportunities and manage cash-flow.

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A Bridging loan is a type of short-term finance mainly used to purchase a property or provide the cash required to refurbish a property. Bridging finance allows investors to get into a deal and then refinance onto a longer term debt, such as a mortgage, or sell the property. The application process is typically easier than other types of borrowing and can complete very quickly, usually in 5-14 days.
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VAT Loan

A VAT loan is used to pay the quarterly VAT bill of VAT registered businesses. The lender pays the bill directly with HMRC and the business then makes monthly repayments to the lender. A VAT loan will enable you to avoid tying up funds that could otherwise be used to proceed with other projects. VAT loans can be arranged quickly, sometimes in as little as 5 days.

Exit Finance

Development Exit Finance is a short-term loan used to repay the outstanding finance against a property development once the project is near completion. Developers tend to use exit finance if existing finance is coming to an end and the property sale has not completed in time. As Exit finance is short term finance, it can be secured within just a few weeks.
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Auction Finance

Auction finance is a form of fast, flexible and reliable finance allowing investors to capitalise on attractive auction opportunities quickly.

Why Merryoaks?

The Merryoaks Property Finance team have a long and successful background in finding and providing creative financial solutions for property investors and developers throughout the UK. Our aim is to help you fund your next investment or development project and be part of your on-going growth to bigger and better deals.
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