Why It’s Crucial to Build Relationships in Property

August 26, 2021
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In business, what you know is very important, but who you know can be game-changing. 

This is vital in all aspects of property investing but particularly important when it comes to obtaining finance.

If you don’t know anyone, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to secure funding for your deals, and even harder to obtain the best rates. 

Simply put, the better connected you are, the more successful you will become. The old mantra that “your network is your net-worth” rings true. 

Essentially, you need to build up a list of valuable contacts including people deeply engrained in the industry you are operating in. Specifically, people that have good connections with decision makers that can help you when you need them. 

Problems in the property industry are ever present with new questions arising daily. From legislation changes, funders entering or leaving the market, new investment strategies and so much more, knowing who to turn to in these situations can help you solve problems quicker, saving you a lot of time, effort and money. Trying to find answers and solutions on your own is the hard way and will prohibit further growth of your business. Inversely, knowing enough of the right people can help you grow your business better, faster, stronger. 

This is particularly important if you need funding quickly. When a deal comes along that ticks all of the boxes but you require finance to act on it – you need to speak to the correct person, fast! This is where knowing the right people can be the difference between capitalising on great deals and missing out on them. 

Knowing the right people opens the doors of opportunity for you in your property business. It allows you to collaborate with people, say yes to more deals, secure the best finance and ultimately grow. 

It would be great if all these contacts and relationships came for free and fell into your lap. However, unfortunately, these contacts are not just going to give you their valuable time, knowledge, and expertise so easily and for nothing. To build a contact database with connections worth having requires you to invest a lot of time and energy. It is not just about having their number and email address – it’s about building a relationship so you can pick up the phone and confidently speak to these    contacts and find the answers or help you need. The valuable contacts are usually busy people. To capture their time and attention is never easy so it becomes a two – way street. What are you bringing to the table and how can you provide value to them in return? 

This is where working with an experienced and well-connected specialist finance advisor can be extremely beneficial to you and your property business. 

A good finance advisor will have already invested time and effort to successfully have grown a database of key contacts and will have built strong relationships with them over the years. They have spent time and energy nurturing these relationships, building trust and credibility, so you don’t have to. 

Our most valuable commodity is time and working with a specialist finance advisor to broker your deals means you can unlock all the benefits of a strong contact list and focus your time and energy on other areas of your business and life. 

The leveraged strong relationships and automatic expansion of your network ensures you’re working with the very best finance solutions to meet your business goals. In addition, you should receive valuable guidance and support to help achieve your aims and objectives, enabling you to further progress your career taking you to the next level.

The Merryoaks team possess all the skills, experience and contacts required to make your property business dreams a reality. Even in the most complex scenarios, our professional industry contacts will aid us in solving the problem and making your deal a success.

To find out how we can help you, speak to the team today.

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