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The BRRR Calculator

One of the most common property investing strategies today is the BRRR method - which stands for ‘Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent’.

Due to requiring low initial capital, it is considered one of the best ways for first-time investors to get started in property. Additionally, many seasoned investors focused on growing portfolios implement this approach consistently to amass significant wealth in the form of an income-generating property portfolio combined with long-term capital growth. 

The BRRR strategy consists of buying a property, adding value to it by refurbishing it, refinancing the deal (to recycle the cash initially invested) and then renting out the property to generate regular cash flow. Additionally, by keeping the property long-term, there is also the chance of benefiting from capital appreciation. 

Like any property deal, for the BRRR strategy to work effectively and for you to make a healthy profit, the numbers must stack up. If you purchase a property at the wrong price, spend too much on the renovation or do not get the valuation you initially planned on achieving - you will not be able to release the maximum amount of capital you need to invest in further properties.

At Merryoaks, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully carry out the BRRR strategy to start and scale their property business. In doing so, we have created a fool-proof calculator to help investors analyse potential deals before investing in them. As part of our mission to help investors grow and take on bigger, better, more aspirational deals, we have decided to share this calculator for free. 

By using the BRRR Calculator, you can input the key metrics of a potential BRRR project and analyse the numbers before taking action. This is an essential step in succeeding in this strategy and maximising your return on investment. 

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